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Founded in 2011 by Dubai-born artist Fathima Mohiuddin (FATSPATROL), The Domino rests on fundamental values that preserve creative integrity, prioritize originality and consider social impact and responsibility.

As an artist-run we believe in shedding light on the value of artistic practise to ensure artists are appropriately challenged and compensated whilst providing a strong line of creative consultation to commercial clients. 

Our core principle is based around building a scene of service and consultation that benefits both the clients and the creative community without compromising the core values of artists.

We believe that creativity is a key substance and integral to the identity of a city and society. Our goal is always to feed back into a growing platform for artists  in a sustainable way.

FATHIMA (fatspatrol)

Born and raised in Dubai, Fathima is an Indian-Canadian artist passionate about art's role in how we build and experience our societies. An advocate for supporting artists, public art,  CSR, and outreach, Fathima is a practicing studio and street artist with walls in over 10 countries.   

See her work at 

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