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The last few years have seen us paint walls, walls and walls. Paul our Creative Director puts together some awesome proposals for artwork that works with spaces, brands, and interior design paired with our database of artists. You might also spot some young emerging artists on our projects as we work on mentoring the next generation!


Find some of our our work at J.W. Marriot Marquis, FlyHigh Dubai,  Iflix Dubai HQ and Ms. Wang.


Art that lives in the street

Since 2011 we have been advocates for bringing more public and street art to the UAE. We believe not just in bringing amazing work to street walls, but also creating points of dialogue and community development, because art can do more than please the eye.  it brings people together. 

Read more about this in a recent feature of the subject in Open Skies Magazine

And see some of our work at Box Park, Dubai and JBR


We call illustrators the super heroes of the art world, able to capture any message in any medium. We work with some of the best in the region featured in our curated illustration exhibitions. 

(And Paul is a killer illustrator)

Some illustration work features for Pitfire Pizza, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, facebook and Tiger Beer

Activations and campaigns

Brands working with artists has been happening for years. If it's done right it brings credibility and a message to a project. We curate projects with artists that challenge and inspire them creatively and wow clients. 

Some of our previous campaign work includes Vans, Tiger Beer, adidas

Live and interactive art

This is where it all started 7 years ago. But we differentiate between entertainment and live art. Curated live and interactive art can be extremely impactful and provide great showcasing opportunities for artists. 

We've done live art all over town for events, launches, fundraisers, community events, conferences, etc.. 

Including Gitex Technology Week, Tiger Translate and Fashion Forward


Understanding the social effects of art, its impact on on people and on space, The Domino implements artist-led programs for outreach and youth mentorship initiatives that enhance our communities and people’s lives through creativity. 

In our free time we also travel overseas for outreach projects to make sure our role as artists go further and have impact. 


Read about Fats's trip to India for a little project with the Scribble Foundation here 

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